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Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate your love and affection with a special person. A Valentine's Day gift is a way to express those feelings and create a special memory with them.

It can show how much you feel for that person and how important they are to you. A Valentine's Day gift can also help strengthen the relationship and celebrate the romantic connection.

Wedding Anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a special event that celebrates the anniversary of the union. It is an occasion to show your love and affection for your spouse and celebrate your time together.

A wedding anniversary is also an opportunity to remember the past, strengthen the bond and make plans for the future. A good wedding anniversary gift can show how much you feel for your spouse and celebrate the romantic connection.


A wedding gift for the bride and groom is a way to congratulate them on their marriage and show them you are thinking of them. It is also a way to bring them joy and help them build their home and life together.

A wedding gift can also be financial support to help the bride and groom with the costs of their life together. It is a symbol of appreciation and friendship and can help strengthen relationships between friends and family members.


Each of our creations is individually handcrafted. We focus on creativity and premium wood. Only carefully selected wood from non-fruit-bearing trees is used in the crafting of these olive wood products. It makes our product a really thoughtful and high-quality birthday gift.

What makes our product unique?

Tunisia's olive trees are to a large extent many centuries old and are exclusively used for wood once they no longer ensure high-yield olive fruit harvests. Our extraction area, the SFAX region, benefits from its special location between the beautiful Mediterranean coast and the desert with its unique climate zone.

This combination makes our olive wood grain the most exclusive in the world

All our products are made in Tunisia. With great attention to detail and quality, our family manufactory has been producing high-quality and unique olive wood products for decades.