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Best quality

Family business since 1963

Luxurious packaging

Perfect gift, 100% plastic free

Authentic and timeless

Bring the Mediterranean to your home

Hygienic & Antibacterial

Olive wood is a hygienic natural material. It has the quality of not absorbing liquids, odors, or fats, and possessing anti-bacterial qualities, so food retains its flavors and aromas.
It is extremely heat-resistant, making it an indispensable element in your kitchen and everyday life.

Exclusive wood with unique grain

The extremely hard wood of the olive tree is one of the finest and most exclusive woods in the world. Its rich reddish-brown color and unique grain pattern give it a distinctive contrasting appearance that adds more character to this noble material. The olive wood looks rustic and feels wonderfully smooth to the touch.


Our decorative olive wood creates a warm atmosphere and brings a Mediterranean touch to your lifestyle.

It therefore strongly evokes Mediterranean countries such as Tunisia, where our exclusive olive wood grows.



is a sub-brand of SOLTAKO GENEVE. With a lot of know-how, attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship, olive wood products are manufactured with premium material and elegant designs.

Olive wood products

Each of our creations is individually handcrafted. We focus on creativity and high-quality wood. Only carefully selected wood from non-fruit-bearing trees is used in the crafting of these olive wood products.

What makes our product unique?

Tunisia's olive trees are to a large extent many centuries old and are exclusively used for wood once they no longer ensure high-yield olive fruit harvests. Our extraction area, the SFAX region, benefits from its special location between the beautiful Mediterranean coast and the desert with its unique climate zone.

This combination makes our olive wood grain the most exclusive in the world

All our products are made in Tunisia. With great attention to detail and quality, our family manufactory has been producing high-quality and unique olive wood products for decades.

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