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When it comes to selecting the perfect olive wood board for your kitchen, you are often faced with a multitude of options. Olive wood boards are renowned for their beauty, durability, versatility, and functionality. Each board tells its own story and possesses unique qualities that make it stand out.


In this article, we would like to take a closer look at the different types of olive wood boards available in our collection and help you choose the board that best suits your needs. Whether you're looking for a chopping board for everyday cooking, a more stylish serving board for special occasions, or an all-rounder that can do both, here you can find out what functions and features each board offers.


We will highlight the differences between the boards, their uses and their particular features. This way, you can be sure to find the olive wood board that best suits both your kitchen and your style.

The All-Rounder Olive Wood Boards

The Chopping Board "Le Mosaique"

Our olive wood board "Le Mosaique" stands out for its exceptional quality and versatility. When crafted, the end grain side becomes exceptionally sturdy and durable. This is thanks to the unique arrangement of fibers, which stand on edge during processing. This special design ensures that this solid 8 kg olive wood board can easily withstand the strain of cutting and chopping.


But it's not just the excellent performance that makes the "Le Mosaique" olive wood board a favorite in the kitchen. Its appealing appearance, marked by a striking play of colors, gives your kitchen a noble and rustic touch.The 247 mosaic pieces from which the olive wood board is made create an elegant design as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing.


This chopping board proves to be a versatile all-rounder. Thanks to its wide surface, it offers enough space to prepare the ingredients of a gourmet meal. 

Le Mosaique

The Cutting Board "The Wood Master"

Our bestseller, the versatile olive wood board "The Wood Master"  is a  high quality chopping board that impresses with its utility making it an indispensable kitchen utensil.


A special feature of this olive wood board is its multi-purpose use, which makes it a perfect all-rounder. Whether you want to slice bread or prepare meat, or serve antipasti, sausage with cheese, snacks, breakfast and a hearty snack with style, "The Wood Master" has proven its worth in every aspect.


"The Wood Master" belongs to the family oflong-grain cutting boards. This means that the wood fibers are aligned along the cutting direction. This makes it particularly robust and durable, ensuring that you will enjoy this high-quality olive wood board for a long time.

The Wood Master

The Round Board "The Riesenrad"

Our impressive olive wood board "The Riesenrad" is a true all-rounder in the kitchen and on the dinner table. This round chopping board offers enough space for cutting fruit, vegetables or meat and impresses with its beautiful design.


The large surface of "The Riesenrad" makes it the perfect partner for serving large meals or cutting different ingredients in a unique, elegant presentation. This olive wood board exudes a timeless elegance that will enhance any meal.


The special thing about "The Riesenrad" is its versatility. It can be used for cutting, as well as for serving starters, cheese platters or snacks. Whether you want to impress guests or simply present your culinary creations in style, this chopping board offers you the ideal platform.

The Riesenrad

The Presentation Artists

The Snack Board "Carthage"

Our signature olive wood board "Carthage" is more than just a chopping board. With its rustic, robust appearance, this olive wood board is a true work of art when it comes to presenting dishes in style.


With its distinctive appearance, "Carthage" captures the spirit of traditional craftsmanship. The roughly processed olive wood gives this board a rustic elegance, that complements any kitchen and dining table excellently. However, "Carthage" is not only a feast for the eyes but also extremely practical.


The highlight of this snack board is the practical handle, which makes it the ideal companion for picnics, barbecues or buffets. You can easily transport this cutting board from the kitchen to the table, fully loaded with delicious snacks, bread or cold cuts.


The Cutting Board "The Catania Rustic Board"

Our "Catania Rustic Board" is very popular among our customers for a good reason. This extraordinary olive wood board  gives your culinary creations an impressive setting.


The "Catania Rustic Board" is marked by its rustic style. Its soft surface and unique grain give this olive wood board a charm full of character that will fit beautifully in your kitchen and on your dining table. This board is not only a presentation artist, but also a truly unique piece.


The generous surface of the "Catania Rustic Board" offers enough space to create impressive charcuterie boards. Here you can stylishly arrange a varied selection of cold meats, cheese, fruit and snacks to impress your guests. The rustic flair of the board blends seamlessly into the overall look of your culinary creations and gives them that certain touch.


Would you like more inspiration and tips on how to create impressive charcuterie boards? Learn more here!

Catania Rustic Board

The Juice Collector Olive Wood Boards

The Cutting Board with Juice Groove "Côte d'Azur"

The Steak Board with Juice Groove "The Smokey BBQ"

"The Smokey BBQ"  Olive wood board is the ultimate tool for barbecue masters and amateurs. This rustic cutting board made of fine olive wood is both visually eye-catching and practical.


With its generous surface area, it offers enough space to prepare meat, vegetables or other delicacies for the barbecue party. The robust and durable nature of the olive wood ensures that it meets the requirements of a passionate barbecue fan.


But that's not all. "The Smokey BBQ" olive wood board  is also available with a juice groove which enables meat juices and sauces to be collected. This keeps your barbecue station tidy and clean at all times. The rustic look and the unique grain of the olive wood give this board its distinctive character.

Cote Dazur

The Breakfast Boards

The Breakfast Board "Le Matinal"

Imagine waking up on a sunny morning and wanting to start the day with a delicious Mediterranean-style breakfast. That's exactly what our handmade olive wood breakfast boards like “Le Matinal” are for.


The unique grains gives each of these olive wood boards their own character, so that you hold a distinctive piece in your hands every time you have breakfast. The rustic flair of the olive wood immediately puts you in a relaxed mood - the perfect ambience to start the day.


"Le Matinal" is not only ideal for your Mediterranean breakfast, but also as a rustic olive wood board for a small snack or as a classy serving platter for cheese and other delicacies. With these decorative boards, you can add a special touch to your meals.

Le Matinal

The Breakfast Board "The Breakfast King"

There is a good reason why our "The Breakfast King" is one of the Bestsellers. These beautiful olive wood boards have more than just a royal name, they will really brighten your morning. Start your day with a touch of elegance and a breakfast that will delight both your palate and eyes. The fine olive wood from which these boards are made gives every breakfast a special touch.

Whether you want to serve fresh fruit, croissants or a hearty selection of cheeses and sausages, "The Breakfast King"  olive wood board offers plenty of space and a great stage for your culinary creations. As the saying goes: You eat with your eyes first.

The Breakfast King" is not only perfect for your private breakfast table. It is also ideal for serving treats when you are expecting guests.

Make your morning royal and enjoy breakfast in an atmosphere that transforms your meal into a special experience.

The Breakfast King


In our overview of the variety of our olive wood boards, we have uncovered the beauty of this natural product and its numerous uses. From chopping boards and serving platters to breakfast and charcuterie boards - olive wood boards bring Mediterranean flair and natural elegance to the kitchen and dining table.


Each of these boards tells a story, characterized by the uniqueness of the olive wood and the craftsmanship of our manufacturers. The combination of functionality and design always takes center stage. These boards are not only practical tools, but also decorative elements that enhance the pleasure of eating and make social gatherings even more enjoyable.


With these chopping boards and serving platters, you will bring not only a piece of nature and tradition into your kitchen, but also a touch of vacation flair. The natural beauty of the olive wood and the careful craftsmanship make each individual board unique.

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