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The Bavarian snack platter: A Taste of Tradition and Delight from Bavaria

Bayrische Brotzeitplatte

Our latest article is all about the "Bavarian snack platter" - a celebration of Bavarian flavors and traditions. Dive with us into the delicious world of this Bavarian specialty, which is much more than just a meal. Learn how the Bavarian snack platter has evolved from its humble origins into a culinary highlight that perfectly reflects Bavarian culture and hospitality.


We'll explore the origins of this flavorful platter, introduce its key ingredients, and give you secrets on how to create your own Brotzeit masterpiece at home. We promise this journey will tease your taste buds as much as your knowledge of the "Bavarian Brotzeitplatte."

The Bavarian Snack platter: Origin

The " Bavarian Brotzeitplatte " has its roots deep in Bavarian history and culture. It is a culinary heritage that has shaped generations of Bavarians and is a vivid symbol of the hospitality and conviviality of this federal state.


The history of the Bavarian snack plate goes back to the times when Bavaria was still an independent kingdom. In the village communities, the Brotzeit was a firm tradition. It served as welcome refreshment for the peasants and farmers while working hard in the fields or in the woods.


Originally, the Bavarian Brotzeitplatte consisted of simple ingredients that were readily available in the region. The centerpiece was always fresh bread baked by local bakeries. This was accompanied by classic Bavarian sausages such as Weißwurst (white sausage), Leberkäse (liver cheese) and Blutwurst (black pudding), which were often produced by the village butchers. 

Bavarian snack platter special occasions


Such an article about the Bavarian Brotzeitplatte cannot do without a mention of the world-famous Oktoberfest. This annual folk festival, celebrated in Munich and many other cities, is a showcase for Bavarian culture and cuisine. Here, the Brotzeitplatte is an integral part of the festive menu. 

Visitors can enjoy the diversity of Bavarian cuisine to the fullest by grabbing a delicious snack platter, often served with white sausage, pretzels and obatzda cheese. It's the perfect opportunity to explore the local cuisine and gather with friends and strangers.

Die bayrische Brotzeitplatte

Christmas market

Another festive occasion where the Bavarian Brotzeitplatte takes center stage are the Christmas markets. Here, visitors can not only buy gifts, but also experience the winter delights of the region. The Bavarian snack platter is a popular choice to warm up and get into the festive spirit. This snack platter provides a hearty and warming meal for visitors while they enjoy the festive atmosphere.

Family celebrations

The Bavarian Brotzeitplatte is also a welcome guest at family celebrations and get-togethers. For birthdays, weddings, or other special occasions, a large Bavarian snack platter is often prepared and placed in the center of the table. Everyone can help themselves, chat and enjoy the time together. This fosters a sense of community and bonding.

How to create the perfect Bavarian snack platter?

1. Choose the right board

The most crucial step in designing the Bavarian snack platter is choosing the right base. The wooden board or serving platter you use will frame the entire presentation and add to the atmosphere.


Olive wood is an excellent choice for this purpose, as it creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that enhances the appeal of your snack platter.


Olive wood is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also durable and robust. It has a natural grain and warm color that will appeal to any snack enthusiast. Plus, it's easy to clean, so you won't have to worry about stains or discoloration.

2. Arrange the main ingredients

Now that you've chosen the ideal wooden board for your Bavarian snack platter, it's time to place the main ingredients. These are the centerpiece of your platter and are essential for the authentic Bavarian taste.


Start by making your selection of Sausage and meat such as white sausage, pork loaf, kielbasa and local sausage on the board. Arrange them so that they are visually appealing and complement each other harmoniously. You can fold, roll, or arrange the sausage slices in interesting patterns to create a unique display.


Remember that the Bavarian Brotzeitplatte is often accompanied by hearty Cheeses. Cut various types of cheese such as Emmental, Bergkäse and Obatzda into different shapes and sizes and place them on the board as well. These cheeses provide a wonderful complement to the sausages and provide a rich variety of flavors.

3. Add fresh vegetables and spices

A Bavarian snack platter would not be complete without crunchy vegetables and savory spices. Add fresh vegetables such as cucumbers, radishes, and tomatoes for not only flavor, but refreshing texture.


Condiments like mustard and horseradish are classic accompaniments on a Bavarian snack platter. Place them in small bowls or spread them directly on the wooden board. These sharp and spicy elements will give your platter the authentic taste of Bavarian cuisine.

4. Choose the right bread

Another crucial element is choosing the right bread. In Bavaria, pretzels and farmhouse breads fresh from the oven are particularly popular. You can cut pretzels into bite-sized pieces and slice the bread into small pieces, depending on your preference. Breads with crisp crusts and soft crumbs are perfect to accompany delicious sausages and cheeses.


5. And last is the presentation

Once all the ingredients are placed on your wooden board, it's time to arrange your Bavarian snack platter appealingly. Make sure the arrangement is harmonious and balanced. You can use small bowls to serve mustard and horseradish, and make sure that small knives or cutting utensils are available so that your guests can easily portion the sausage and cheese.


Remember to add fresh leaves such as parsley or chives to complete the look of the board and add a touch of freshness.

With these steps and a little creativity, you'll create a Bavarian snack platter that will impress everyone with both taste and appearance. Now you can spoil your guests and enjoy the Bavarian flair in your own home. Enjoy your meal!

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