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The latest trends of charcuterie boards

Mehrere angerichtete Charcuterie Boards

In the stimulating world of culinary trends, the followingCharcuterie Boardshave proven to be incredibly versatile and adaptable, making them enduringly popular. But what exactly is the fascination behind these elaborate assortments of delicacies? 


In this article, we'll delve into the culinary world's latest trends that have taken it by storm.


Charcuterie Boards are no longer reserved only for evening events. Nowadays there is a fascinating variety of boards for every occasion and taste. From Butter Boards, that reveal the sensual world of flavored butter, over Breakfast boards, that provide the perfect start for the day, all the way to the Saisonal Boards,These creative boards offer endless possibilities, presenting wholesome and colorful options.

Butter Boards

Charcuterie boards are no longer limited to sausage, cheese and fruits. One of the most exciting trends to surface in the world of charcuterie boards is the introduction of Butter Boards. Introducing these brand-new innovative boards exclusively for flavored butter, they bring a fresh dimension to your charcuterie board experience.

Was sind Butter Boards?

Butter Boards are a delicious and creative addition to your collection of charcuterie boards. They present a rich selection of homemade or specially selected butter varieties, enriched with all kinds of delicious flavors. The butter can be flavored with herbs, spices, fruits, nuts or other ingredients to provide a great range of unique flavors.

How to make a butter board?

Start  with a selection of different types of butter, including regular butter, salted and unsalted butter, and plant-based alternatives such as avocado or almond butter. Make sure the butter is served at room temperature so it spreads more easily on bread or crackers.


For a more subtle twist, add herbs such as rosemary, thyme or basil, spices such as paprika or cumin, grated cheese, roasted garlic cloves or fresh citrus zest. The possibilities are almost endless.


Offer a selection of bread and crackers, from baguettes to whole wheat bread, as well as a range of garnishes and accompaniments such as fresh fruit like grapes or apple slices, nuts like walnuts or pecans. These serve as the perfect accompaniment to the butter.


Presentation is key. Arrange the butter varieties on an olive wood board. Use  small knives or butter sticks so your guests can easily spread the butter on the bread or crackers.

Aktueller Trend Butter Board

Breakfast boards

Breakfast boards, a delightful twist on the popular charcuterie platters, have become a trendy way to start the day with a burst of delicious bites. These morning creations are more than just meals; they give you a tasty boost of energy to kickstart your day.

How to arrange a breakfast board?

Breakfast boards are known for their lively colors and fresh flavors. Fresh fruits, including juicy berries and vitamin-packed bananas, take the spotlight, providing not only a burst of fruitiness but also a healthy dose of nutrients.


Another essential element is the protein sources that give you the energy you need for the day. Greek yogurt, with its protein-rich and creamy texture, serves as the foundation. You can customize it with various toppings like nuts and seeds to add variety to both the texture and nutritional value.


Bread and cereal are essential components of this morning delight. You can include crusty bread, bagels, or granola bars as the foundation. Pair them with a selection of spreads like cream cheese or delectable jams.

Aktueller Trend Frühstück Boards

Gourmet Boards

A gourmet board, a more refined version of the popular charcuterie board, is a true ode to luxury and culinary sophistication. It is a compilation of exclusive ingredients and delicacies designed to indulge your senses and take your palate on a journey of taste explosions.

How to set up a Gourmet Board?

The foundation of a gourmet board often consists of high-quality wooden boards or elegant serving platters that add a special touch to the arrangement. The selection of ingredients is carefully matched to offer the best flavors and textures.


Premium cheese is a key component. Here you will find not only the standard varieties, but also select specialties such as ripe Gruyère, creamy Camembert or delicate Roquefort. These cheeses are often selected and matured by experienced cheese masters to ensure the highest level of quality.


Exclusive cold cuts and meats such as Prosciutto di Parma, Iberico ham or truffle salami add a delicate heartiness to the Gourmet Board. These specialties are often artisan made and are known for their intense aroma and tenderness.


Alongside the cheeses and meats, we include carefully chosen accompaniments. These may feature indulgent pickled olives, truffle pastes, high-quality extra virgin olive oil, aged balsamic vinegar, or exotic fruits like figs and pomegranates. These condiments pair perfectly with the main ingredients to create a delightful taste experience.

Aktueller Trend Gourmet Board

Saisonal Boards

Fall brings not only an impressive change in nature, but also a change in our culinary preferences. As temperatures drop and leaves change color, we crave warming, hearty flavors and cozy moments with friends and family. A fantastic way to capture this autumnal mood is to create a seasonal charcuterie board.

How to arrange a fall themed board?

The color palette for your fall charcuterie board is dominated by warm, earthy tones. Think deep burgundy, sunny orange and soft brown. These colors reflect the rich range of autumnal tones you can capture on your board with the right ingredients.


Start with the newly harvested ingredients. Fall is a is a period of abundance, where trees and vines showcase their ripe fruits. Apples, pears, grapes, pumpkins, figs and dates are just a few of the seasonal stars you can place on your board. Slice them or serve them in halves to show off their splendor.


An essential part of your fall charcuterie board is savory flavors. Add different types of smoked sausage, ham, or bacon that pair perfectly with cheeses like Brie or Camembert. These hearty components will bring a warm and cozy touch to your culinary display.


Adding nuts and dried fruits like walnuts, pecans and dried cranberries adds texture and festive flair to your board. The crunchy texture of the nuts and the sweet note of the dried fruits perfectly complement the savory and fruity flavors.

Aktueller Trend Saisonales Board

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