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SOLTAKO is an exclusive lifestyle fashion brand, which has its roots in the middle of Europe in Geneva. As being situated in Geneva, lying in the the French part of Switzerland, our team likes to refer to savoir-faire when asked about their relationship to designing our products. The French word "savoir-faire" describes the ability to do and say the right things which is more commonly translated as "know-how" in English.

View on the lake of Geneva from the city of Geneva

While being inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the surrounding nature on the edge of the Alps, the international pulse of the city and influenced by the high density of the world's most famous luxury brands, SOLTAKO also carries in his heart the spirit of Tunisia, the home of Brahim Soltani, founder of SOLTAKO.

Whereas Swiss luxury design from Geneva stands for highest quality and craftsmanship, Tunisian leather products have a century old tradition and reputation for being the finest in the world.

SOLTAKO embraces these two worlds resulting in an elegant design with subtle patterns and vivid colors of nature. Skilfully reinterpreted to a particularly individual style.

Our products are carefully handcrafted from the best materials from all over the world in our family owned Tunisian manufactories. We are proud to combine the best of two worlds in a symbiosis of Swiss striving for superior quality and Tunisian passion for fine leather products.

This is SOLTAKO, individual like our personality, multi-faceted like our lifestyle with the demand for the highest quality.