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Bundles Pizza Board 2xBundles Pizza Board 2x
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Bundles Pizza Board 2x

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Bundles La Rustica + La Bodeguita set of 2Bundles La Rustica + La Bodeguita set of 2
Sold out

Über 500.000 zufriedene Kund:innen 

Familienbetrieb seit 1963

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Our mission

It all started with the feeling of fresh earth on his skin and the scent of olive wood in his nose. When Brahim (right) planted his first tree on the family's olive tree plantation at the age of 5, he had no idea that his path would later lead him to Germany, where he met his friend and current business partner Tobias (left) after finishing his studies.

Their joint journey to his home country resulted in a shared mission: Plastic-free kitchens.

Today they run SOLTAKO together and internationally from Geneva and Munich, offering a variety of sustainable products with a unique combination of high-quality design and the noble raw material of olive wood.

Your path to a plastic-free lifestyle starts in your kitchen

Each of our creations is individually handcrafted. We focus on creativity and high quality wood. The wood used is carefully selected and only used from trees that no longer bear fruit.

What makes our product unique?

Tunisia's olive trees are to a large extent many centuries old and are only released for timber exploitation when they no longer guarantee high-yield olive fruit harvests. Our extraction area, the SFAX region, benefits from the special location between the beautiful Mediterranean coast and the desert with its unique climate zone.

This combination makes our olive wood grain the most exclusive in the world

Alle unsere Produkte werden in Tunesien hergestellt. Mit viel Liebe zum Detail und zur Qualität werden in unserer Familienmanufaktur bereits seit Jahrzehnten hochwertige Unikate aus Olivenholz hergestellt.