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Olive wood is known for its hardness and durability and is perfect for use as a cutting or chopping board. Unlike other types of wood, it is resistant to heat, moisture, cracking, and mold, making it a hygienic material. It also has a pretty grain and can be used as a decorative piece in the kitchen.

Our olive wood cutting board is a great choice for anyone looking for a durable, high-quality, and practical cutting board.

The exclusive character of our SOLTAKO olive wood boards fits perfectly in any kitchen. The individual grain brings a piece of the Mediterranean into your home.

Resistant to fats, odors, and cuts, our olive wood boards are a lasting companion for your daily use.

No more time-consuming cooking

The perfect solution after a hard day at work and expecting guests: CHARCUTERIE!

Charcuterie board is a wooden board on which cold meats and cheese along with fruits, and other appetizers can be presented beautifully and in no time.

A wooden serving board can also be used as a decorative piece in the kitchen or as a handy tool for cooking and cutting and even as a wedding gift.

And the best part? Such a snack board is incredibly easy to make and your guests will be amazed.

A charcuterie board or even a classic cheese platter can be served for any occasion such as a birthday, a garden party or even an engagement party at any time of the year.


"Present your delicacies as elegantly as a professional!"

For a lovely presentation of sausage, cheese, appetizers, spreads, or nuts, our SOLTAKO olive wood serving boards are becoming more and more popular.

Whether rustic or modern and minimalist, with a convenient handle to a large serving platter - each of our unique boards is essential in every household and will make a big statement on your table!


The extremely hard wood of the olive tree is one of the most beautiful woods in the world.

With much care we only select wood that comes from the pruning of olive trees and combine it with the passion for craftsmanship in our small family business in Tunisia.

The expressive grain of the reddish-brown olive wood makes each board absolutely unique.

The premium wood looks rustic and noble and also feels wonderfully smooth to the touch. Our decorative olive wood creates a warm atmosphere and brings a Mediterranean touch to your lifestyle.

It therefore strongly evokes Mediterranean countries such as Tunisia, where our exclusive olive wood grows.



is a sub-brand of SOLTAKO GENEVE.

With a lot of know-how, attention to detail, and excellent craftsmanship, olive wood products are manufactured with premium material and elegant designs.

Each of our creations is individually handcrafted. We focus on creativity and high-quality wood. Only carefully selected wood from non-fruit-bearing trees is used in the crafting of these olive wood products.

What makes our product unique?

Tunisia's olive trees are to a large extent many centuries old and are exclusively used for wood once they no longer ensure high-yield olive fruit harvests. Our extraction area, the SFAX region, benefits from its special location between the beautiful Mediterranean coast and the desert with its unique climate zone.

This combination makes our olive wood grain the most exclusive in the world

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