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Olive wood as an all-rounder: discover the versatility of olive wood products

Olive wood

In a world where sustainability and versatility are becoming increasingly important, the olive wood has become a true icon. This beautiful and robust material has long conquered our kitchens and homes. However, olive wood is far more than just chopping boards. 

In this article, we will delve into the impressive range of olive wood products that grace our everyday lives. From elegant chopping boards to practical kitchen utensils, olive wood has become an integral part of our everyday lives.

1. Kitchen utensils

In the kitchen, high-quality utensils are essential to ensure a smooth and enjoyable cooking experience. Olive wood kitchen utensils are becoming increasingly popular as they offer several advantages over other materials.


These utensils are robust and resistant, and thus durable. The smooth and hard surface prevents food from sticking and makes cleaning easy. Unlike metal or plastic utensils, they do not discolor or scratch the surfaces of pots and pans.


These utensils are environmentally friendly as they are made from sustainably managed olive trees. Compared to plastic alternatives that often end up in landfills, olive wood products are a sustainable choice.


They offer a wonderful combination of aesthetics and durability, but also have the advantage that they don't release microplastic particles unlike many plastic alternatives. This is a significant ecological and health advantage. If you would like to read more about the release of microplastics, then click here.

Will olive wood kitchen utensils discolor?

No, olive wood kitchen utensils should not discolor when properly used and maintained. This is due to the natural properties of olive wood, especially its density and hardness, which makes it less susceptible to stains and discoloration. To ensure that your kitchen utensils remain in their best condition, they need to be maintained regularly. Here you can read more about olive wood maintenance. 

What are the advantages of olive wood kitchen utensils over plastic ones?

Choosing olive wood kitchen utensils instead of plastic ones has a number of advantages. Unlike plastic, that may release microplastics while cooking, olive wood utensils offer a sustainable alternative free of particles. On top of being eco-friendly, they are naturally antibacterial, durable, and aesthetically beautiful. With these kitchen utensils, you can protect both your health and the environment, as well as cook in style and sustainably.

2. Bowls and trays

Olive wood bowls and trays offer an elegant and functional addition to every kitchen. Their natural grain gives them a timeless beauty. These products are extremely versatile and are perfect for serving salads, fruits, snacks and much more. The smooth surface of this noble material is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also hygienic and easy to clean. 

The durability ensures that these bowls and dishes can be used for a long time. Most importantly, they do not alter the flavor of the food and do not contain harmful chemicals, making them a healthy and sustainable choice.

Can I store food in olive wood trays?

Yes, you can store food safely in olive wood trays, even overnight. This dense material has natural antibacterial properties that limit any liquid penetration. The trays won't absorb moisture or become moldy. They also do not absorb the food's taste. However, it is important to clean the trays thoroughly after use and allow them to dry completely to ensure proper hygiene.

Olivenholz Schalen

3. Mortar & pestle

Olive wood mortars and pestles are the perfect combination of functionality and elegance in the kitchen. Their natural charm and unique grain make them a valuable addition to every cooking environment.


The smooth, long-lasting pestle  enables efficient crushing of spices, herbs and other ingredients without affecting the flavors. The smooth surface is easy to clean and hygienic, which is particularly beneficial for cooking.


The mortars provide the ideal base for crushing and mixing spices and ingredients. The olive wood does not alter the taste of the spices and offers a robust, durable solution for culinary challenges.

Maserung von Olivenholz

Can I also grind larger ingredients in the olive wood mortar?

Yes, olive wood mortars are extremely versatile and can be used to crush a wide range of ingredients. In addition to garlic cloves, spices and herbs, they are also ideal for crushing nuts, seeds and even dried fruit. The solid material and concave shape of the mortar provide the ideal basis for efficiently crushing these ingredients and releasing their flavors.

4. Cutting boards

The Cutting boards made from olive wood are among the most popular products made from this natural material. Their popularity is easy to understand. These chopping boards impressively combine elegance and functionality. Their smooth, robust surface is not only gentle on knife blades but also adds a touch of nature and authenticity to any kitchen.


The natural grain  gives each chopping board a unique character, meaning that no two boards are the same. This singularity makes them a sought-after accessory in the kitchen. If you would like to read more about the benefits of olive wood, then click here.

Maserung von Olivenholz

5. Olive wood coasters

Olive wood coasters are a practical accessory as well as a tasteful addition to your table decorations. The unique grain and warm, natural color give every table a rustic and elegant flair.


These coasters are extremely versatile and are suitable for a wide range of purposes. The coasters protect fragile surfaces from unwanted scratches and stains and are heat resistant. This means you can safely place hot pots, pans or teapots on them without risk of damage.

Is olive wood heat-resistant?

Yes, olive wood is heat resistant It can easily withstand hot pots, pans or teapots without deforming or suffering permanent damage. This material retains its natural hardness and strength, even at high temperatures, while offering a natural, rustic elegance in your kitchen and on your dining table.

6. Salt and pepper mills

Olive wood Salt and pepper mills are both functional kitchen utensils and genuine showstoppers on every dining table.  The main advantage of olive wood salt and pepper mills is their sturdiness. Olive wood is naturally hard and resilient, which means that these mills can withstand the daily challenges of the kitchen. They are designed to withstand effortlessly coarse salt and pepper grains.


Another asset is its natural resistance to moisture and odors. The wood does not absorb moisture or odors, which means that your grinders remain fresh and hygienic even after prolonged use.


In addition, the weight and stability of olive wood gives the mills a secure stand on your tabletop. They are easy to fill and handle, and the combination of practicality and appearance makes them a valuable asset to any kitchen.


In conclusion, the wide range of olive wood products, spanning from chopping boards to salt and pepper mills, show how this material has found its place in the kitchen. Olive wood combines functionality and elegance in a remarkable way. Its natural durability and resilience make it a sustainable choice that can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.


The distinctive character of each piece of olive wood gives the products a touch of individuality that stands out in the kitchen and on the dining table. Olive wood is not just a trend, but a conscious choice for quality and style. It helps to enhance the beauty and enjoyment of our kitchens while protecting the environment.

Author: Maya

Maya from SOLTAKO

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